Why SME market expansion skids off the track!

SME owners are always seeking opportunity to grow their business and market expansion is something which they pursue with lots of zeal. In my consulting experience, I have seen many good companies tumble on market expansion for various reasons. Some companies invest in market expansion on the back of juicy numbers by analysts without sufficient... Continue Reading →

Role of senior management in sales transformation

Lots of articles have been written about how CRM, organizational investments, and other areas affect outcome of sales transformation. In our view, senior management plays a vital role in successful sales transformation. They need to get involved in planning, transition, roll out and measurement to ensure sustainable outcomes. Sales transformation offer a window to realign... Continue Reading →

Reshaping businesses with BOTS, AI, RPA and more

In many industries, products and services and the way they are delivered to customers have just not changed in many decades.  Many industries still have cohort or group based pricing, and work in batch mode of manual operations. Companies in many industries still rely on manual process to collect, collate and analyse data. Many companies... Continue Reading →

Digital transformation of God’s Abode

Temples, churches and mosques are places where faithful and seekers congregate to see, witness, experience or participate in religious and spiritual experiences. Some throng to quench their spiritual thirst, some to marvel at the colossal architecture and beautiful carvings, some to seek their wishes and some as an errand. Right from early civilization, they have... Continue Reading →

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