Seven financial levers for Build to sell (BTS) or Build to Grow (BTG) Companies

In fast paced industries such as IT, Biotechnology etc. companies can be broadly classified into two primary groups: Build to sell (BTS) and Build to Grow (BTG). BTS companies are driven by the dictum “build fast” and “maximize valuation”. BTG companies are more focused on “Profitable, multi-year sustainability”.  With these fundamental guiding principles defining their behavior the... Continue Reading →

Structuring Global Expansion

Structuring global expansion is a complex decision requiring one to weigh multitudes of treaties, cost advantages and cost of monitoring. Expansion enables the company to benefit from economies of scale providing additional profit enhancement. Companies often face the question of whether to structure the new venture as a separate legal entity or a subsidiary. Factors... Continue Reading →

Creating Content That Sells

One of the easy steps towards smart business is to generate quality traffic on your webpage. Only when the content is focussed on user needs and targets prospects, this can be achieved. The aim of the website content is to welcome the readers to read what is written. Once they are on the website, they... Continue Reading →

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