Creating Content That Sells

One of the easy steps towards smart business is to generate quality traffic on your webpage. Only when the content is focussed on user needs and targets prospects, this can be achieved. The aim of the website content is to welcome the readers to read what is written. Once they are on the website, they look for content which they can grasp and understand easily. Keeping in mind these and a reader’s attention span, quality and quantity of the content must be developed.

Quality content that has a clear focus and which connects with its intended audience is something many companies aspire to develop, but only a few practice and fewer practice well. So, where do most companies go wrong?

Through my experience I have found that even though companies have created a decent website and content, the intended traffic just seem like a MIRAGE. Problem might be the amount of content where it is either too much or too little and in the worst case, inapt to what is sought or likely to be appreciated by the readers. Hence, there is a need to separate wheat from the chaff. You just need to cut out the rough edges, simplify, and calibrate.

I have also learned that content planning is simple if one understand what NOT TO COMMUNICATE. This requires the content generator to understand the schema, its boundaries and connects and what to drop or highlight keeping in mind the seasons. Planning rests on the purpose and good planning reflects on the kind of format you choose to use. Planning is probably not something you are going to do all at once. You will want to begin by start questioning yourself- ‘Who is the right audience?’ ‘What would they seek for on my website?’ and the rest of it will flow.

Start creating a content which not just talks about the products/services and its features but a content which brings value to your customer. The content must speak for itself the worth and the values a reader is going to benefit from. A reader’s perception about you also depends on the style, format and the language in which you choose to write. Website is like a sales person. Sales people explain about their offerings, so should the website. They talk about how they can bring value to the customers, so should the website. A sales person clarifies doubts, so should your website. If you want to impress the world with your complex language abilities, perhaps, your website is not a good bet.

Along with the appropriate content, a well thought out design is a plus. A good content with a cluttered design is a major turn off for your readers. For a face-lift, the website needs to look at aspects of aesthetics, attractiveness, user friendly features, the kind of colours used, overall design etc. A combination of right content and right way of presenting brings value.

Remember, the content is for your readers. Hence, it needs to be developed keeping in mind the time a reader is likely to spend on it, its relevance to the reader and the depth of information he is likely to seek. A simple, clear and standard content is what most appreciate. If your content doesn’t clearly establish any of the aspects, ‘back’ button is just a click away from a prospect!

– Amrita Rao

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