Thank god it is not British!!!: how far does “foreign” tag work in influencing customer purchase decision

Several market researchers have identified consumer preferences for “foreign” products. Studies suggest that consumer prefer foreign shore developed or manufactured product at a cost higher than domestic companies, because of higher quality and “country-of-origin” influences. However, in markets like India and China, where domestic competitors have built substantial product and market knowledge, sticking to the... Continue Reading →

How prepared is your company for after-you??

A strong willed founder sees an opportunity, builds clientele and services and all suddenly disappears leaving the business at risk. Academicians Sascha Becker and Hans Hvide in their study of 341 privately owned companies observed that the death of founder in the first 10 years of the establishment had a deep and profound effect on... Continue Reading →

Right align your rewards & recognition system

Rewards and recognition is an important organizational element that used wisely can hasten the pace of business transformation and bring about the desired change in behavior and outcomes at various levels. Rewards and recognition come in many forms: monetary, prize, gifts, awards, empowerment, etc. A common fallacy in many organizations is that they tend to use... Continue Reading →

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