Elementary, Mr Watson, “Focus”!!

Polaris announced separation of its products and service divisions. Infosys also announced separation of its products and platform division from the rest of services. So why are Indian software companies rushing to redefine SBU? What is the grand strategy in creating separate divisions?  Has this happened in other industries too? More than a decade ago,... Continue Reading →

Make customers own stories around your product/services.

Creating a memorable experience for customers is what makes a customer come back again. Unique products and experiences make a customer talk about the product and the company. Designing and creating this unique experience requires “sensemaking”. It is all about understanding how the customer would be consuming your product/service, what associations trigger when consuming it... Continue Reading →

Align Rewards and recognition (R&R) with employee life-cycle for better results.

Rewards and recognition (R&R) are important levers for an organization. They must help to motivate the employees, recognize and applaud their contributions and help improve bonding and association with the organization. Unfortunately, many organizations imitate industry norms and do not weigh how their R&R system is making a difference in recognizing the superior performance and... Continue Reading →

Is your sales firing?

One thing common about Sales is that it exhibits a common tendency to go uncertain! Many companies suffer from unpredictable, unsustainable sales and thus profitability. Most organizations fall into a common fallacy that only numbers matters, what is the sales output.  In my view, measurement of sales functions requires one to take a comprehensive view... Continue Reading →

Why PE Investments Fail?

Private Equity investments provide a sense of security and an initiation to growth to many companies worldwide. They are known to build and grow companies. Private Equity (PE) is an investment which is realized in the long term. This long term focus is aligned with the interest of both the investor and the company to... Continue Reading →

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