Why PE Investments Fail?

Private Equity investments provide a sense of security and an initiation to growth to many companies worldwide. They are known to build and grow companies. Private Equity (PE) is an investment which is realized in the long term. This long term focus is aligned with the interest of both the investor and the company to... Continue Reading →

The “ACE “Strategy of Cost Management

The “ACE “Strategy of Cost ManagementEvery organization desires to reap in maximum profits from the business and run it with efficient and optimum utilization of resources.  Success or failure of a business is attributed not only to the revenue generated but also by management of that revenue. Cost Management is a concern and a prerogative... Continue Reading →

Effective Revenue Management in Companies

In today’s world where companies are under immense pressure to highlight the revenues and profits, they are also under constant scrutiny to project actual revenues earned for the services provided. There seems to be a gap which is leading to a major concern among industries to identify the reasons for the companies not getting their... Continue Reading →

Plan to Execute it Right !

Plan to Execute it Right ! ‘Planning is bringing the future into the present so that we could have a better tomorrow’. April is a crucial month for many a companies to religiously revisit their business plans of last year and dwell on how to conduct business in the current year. Few companies use this... Continue Reading →

Performance Measurement in NGOs

'Performance Measurement in NGOs' is an article written by our consultant Ms. Pratibha Sharma,. This article was was published in 'The Management Accountant'  journal brought out by the ICAI in December 2012 issue. Below is the link for the article. Performance Measurement in NGOs    

To De-risk, Diversify

‘Don’t put all your eggs in one basket’. Most companies swear by this phrase in the software industry today. The mature companies are expanding their market and exploring the existing products whereas the emerging companies strive for a wider portfolio with a gamut of products catering to multiple needs of the customers. The strategic shift... Continue Reading →

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