Bridging the craters between Sales and Marketing

Most companies in traditional industries during the formative years typically have marketing and sales managed by a single department. On the marketing front, companies usually make rudimentary investments as part of sales efforts. They at best participate in related industry events or advertise in local media. However, as organizations grow, the need to manage marketing... Continue Reading →

OEMs/Dealers; Get Your Basics Right!

While aftermarket revenues could contribute an upward 30-50% of existing revenues, many OEMs are not prepared to gain from it. Most OEMs fail to meet their service level agreement which subsequently leads to decrease in customer loyalty and negative word of mouth. Why does this happen? It is simply because they do not manage their... Continue Reading →

Privatization of national scientific organizations

Scientific organizations are a crucial part of national innovation system (NIS). They create a pool of scientific resources who are employed in creating relevant scientific innovations for the nations. These research organizations help in technological advancement of the industry by transferring lab-proven technologies to commercialization. They may be engaged in development of civilian technologies such... Continue Reading →

Creating Content That Sells

One of the easy steps towards smart business is to generate quality traffic on your webpage. Only when the content is focussed on user needs and targets prospects, this can be achieved. The aim of the website content is to welcome the readers to read what is written. Once they are on the website, they... Continue Reading →

Why do CRM fail to deliver??

Why do companies that spend significant investment on CRM fail to realize the benefits?  First, many companies see CRM as the panacea to their customer relationship management without realizing the need for appropriate alignment between structure, process and measurements of CRM. Secondly, successful deployment of CRM needs consistent and well aligned review and follow up... Continue Reading →

Social media: join for fun!

One common advice (solicited or otherwise) companies are offered today is “social media branding”. Whether a company is into value production, compressors or nappies, content and tool companies suggest social media platform as the panacea for all marketing miscommunications and costly media approaches. Decision makers are enamoured with the promise of more leads, increased customer... Continue Reading →

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