Newsletter – September 2014

Greetings from Browne and Mohan

Our newsletter this month contains a whitepaper that provides a sturdy solution to all the  CRM Adoption issues and an interesting blog on Viral Marketing.

Read more about them in the links below.

Manage successful CRM Adoption: MACE Framework

Although it has been over two decades since the initiation of CRM concept in business administration, many organizations still face CRM adoption issues despite having a deployment team that is both technically and conceptually strong . Browne and Mohan consultants have examined the rationale behind CRM adoption failures across various industries over the years, and to overcome these fundamental adoption issues, we have developed a simple yet sturdy solution: The MACE Framework.

How to orchestrate effective viral marketing campaigns?

You don’t just create “Viral  Content”,  you create ‘Content’ that goes “Viral”..! With the “#ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” pulling off the most successful “$100 million” Crowd funding campaign since its inception in June 2014, this week we have Brown and Mohan consultants excavating the secrets behind all the Successful Viral Marketing attempts by big players in the market. Also get to understand what went off beam in certain ‘not so successful’ campaigns that were intended to go viral.

Best regards,

Team – Browne & Mohan

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