Revive = Restructure + Rebuild

In a VUCA world, it is not uncommon to see many companies tumbling down the aisle. Mismanagement, poor decision making, commoditization, radical market changes, leadership exits, founder’s demise or even a maverick competitor can make a sure step company loose its steps. Reviving near death companies not only needs restructuring but simultaneous rebuilding efforts.  In... Continue Reading →

Rebooting Skilling Program

Government has realized its flagship skilling program- the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) despite having trained 18 lakh people failed on job creation and entrepreneurship. The reasons could be many. Firstly, it tried to create new intermediaries that would train, place and create entrepreneurs rather than building the skilling program around incumbents. The new... Continue Reading →

Getting the Juice out of gamification on SFDC

Sales is a competitive function and management realizes they need tools and methods to keep their sales flock motivated to go after opportunities. Many companies use BLAP (badges, leader boards, achievements, points) gamification methods hoping they would excite their sales force to change their behaviour or move in a certain direction. SFDC has many plugins... Continue Reading →

Renaissance of ITeS Companies.

  ITeS industry is witnessing dramatic changes. From initial years of voice based support it evolved to support non-voice requirements of many a Fortune 500’s. They brought process efficiencies and cost advantages to their client organizations.  However, in last few quarters, these companies are witnessing a double whammy on customer and technology fronts. With increasing... Continue Reading →

Expansion and diversification of Family business

Family run businesses are a significant segment of any nation’s industrial structure. In India 95% of business are family run, and 30% of BSE listed companies are family owned. Anecdotal data indicate just about 20% family businesses survive a first generation transfer and 95% of them become defunct within two decade of demise of founder.... Continue Reading →

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